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CL-X II Poles

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CL-X II Carbon Composite Water Fed Pole 22 / 27 - Now with new clamping system that prevents worn poles from spinning

Now equipped with a FREE QuicK-LoQ Brush and QuicK-LoQ Gooseneck - For a limited period only!

All poles come complete with 5mm ID yellow pole hose and rectus male probe.

Product Details

  • 50% Carbon Fibre Content Window Cleaning Pole
  • Designed to operate easily & reliably throughout the pole's entire life
  • Hi-Tec components designed to aid reliability, ease of use & maintainance
  • Compact, lightweight & rigid pole design
  • Up to 25% More Rigid than Fibre Glass Poles

CLX II 22 Carbon Composite Water Fed Pole SPECIFICATIONS:

Working reach: 26ft
Extended length: 6.5m
Closed length: 1.49m
Sections: 5
Approx. weight:1380g

In Stock

CLX II 27 Carbon Composite Water Fed Pole SPECIFICATIONS:

The New 65% Carbon CLX-27

Working reach: 31ft
Extended length: 8.10m
Closed length: 1.56m
Sections: 6
Approx. weight:1720g

In Stock

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CLX II 22 - £174.50 (£209.40 including vat)
CLX II 27 - £254.50 (£305.40 including vat)

If required to ship there is a charge of £9.00 (£10.80 including vat). Highlands and Islands price will be calculated on order.